10 Most Wanted Books – April 2018

Here are the 10 Most Checked Out or 10 Most Wanted Books from last month, March 2018. These are the books that we sent most often to patrons from the shelves of NCLBPH. Note, all books were checked out at least 42 times over the month.

DB089133 – To be where you are by Jan Karon
DB089125 – The store by James Patterson
DB089233 – Secrets in death by J. D. Robb
DB088073 – Detective Cross by James Patterson
DB088623 – Barely legal by Stuart Woods
DB087916 – The shut-in by James Patterson
DB088074 – Private: gold by James Patterson
DB088166 – Dirty work: [a Stone Barrington novel] by Stuart Woods
DB088560 – The duchess: a novel by Danielle Steel
DB086048 – Rushing waters: a novel by Danielle Steel

To order – Online Cataloghttps://webopac.klas.com/nc1aopac or call – 1-888-388-2460

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Volunteer Week Recognition

April 15th through the 21st is National Volunteer Week! During this week, we like to give a huge “Thank you” to our volunteers. Our library and patrons benefit greatly from our volunteers and they are involved in ways the public may not know. Here are some of those ways they help:

Recording Studio

At NCLBPH we have two recording booths to produce our talking books and magazines! We have multiple volunteers operating in teams of two, a monitor and a narrator, so we can convert traditionally printed text into an accessible format for our patrons!

A volunteer sits at a computer as she listens to a narrationA volunteer sits in the recording booth as he narrates a book.

Reviewers are a crucial step to the local production of talking books & magazines. Volunteers who review listen to our narrators’ recordings, checking for accuracy. Once the material is reviewed, it’s returned to the monitor & narrator for corrections. This way, we’re certain our library is producing quality accessible reading material!

A volunteer reviews a narration sitting the book along with the recording.One of our volunteers reviewing a magazine narration.


The mailing area is one of the busiest areas for our volunteers. Our volunteers help the library operate by preparing our mailing materials such as newsletters, brochures, and applications. On normal days, we may one or two volunteers working in that area, but when it’s time send out newsletters, we could have up to five volunteers working as a team to take on such an enormous task!

The mailing area; it has tables, chairs and mailing materials.One of our long term volunteers in the mailing area. She is posing in front of the library.


The way volunteers help NCLBPH’s circulation department is by properly inspecting books returned by patrons. They check if the cartridges were turned into the right box or if they were in the box, if any patrons sent a note, and they check for any damages!

A volunteer smiles as she inspects talking booksTwo volunteers helping our circulation staff with inspections.


NCLBPH’s Friends group is a major part of operations for the library! They financially support NCLBPH’s mission augmenting the state and federal funding. The Friends group doesn’t help our library for money, but instead to secure accessible reading for all! You may learn more about the friends clicking the link below!


Members of the Friends of NCLBPH serving in the volunteer area.President of the Friends, Eddie Weaver, at the Volunteer Recognition Luncheon

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteer week is a great way to recognize all volunteers, and though we constantly thank our volunteers we also hold a recognition meal in their honor for the services they provide for us. You may see photos from some of the past recognition dinners and lunch in the links below!

2017 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nclbph/sets/72157688932205216/with/37344253596/

2016 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nclbph/sets/72157676088815730

2013 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nclbph/sets/72157642344279724/with/13148432944/

2012 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nclbph/sets/72157632140532998/with/8233302892/

2009 https://www.flickr.com/photos/nclbph/sets/72157622999438370/with/4185136782/

If you are interested in donating your time and effort to our library and its mission you may click the link below to find out how you may begin volunteering!


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BARD Roundup – March 2018 top 10 audio downloads

Here are March 2018’s 10 most downloaded BARD audio book titles:

DB090002 – Unbound by Stuart Woods
DB089922 – Enigma by Catherine Coulter
DB087977 – Murder, interrupted by James Patterson
DB089143 – Tom Clancy point of contact by Mike Maden
DB089453 – Don’t let go by Harlan Coben
DB090052 – Grist Mill Road: a novel by Christopher J Yates
DB089340 – The Cuban affair: a novel by Nelson DeMille
DB089877 – Holly and Ivy by Fern Michaels
DB088143 – The highwayman by Craig Johnson
DB089876 – Every breath you take: an Under suspicion novel by Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

Happy downloading! To get the latest books delivered at the speed of cyberspace login to BARD. Don’t have a BARD account? Sign up today – http://nlsbard.loc.gov/nc1a

Get the BARD Mobile app and have another great way to read your books and magazines

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BARD Roundup – March 2018 top 10 braille downloads

Here are March 2018’s 10 most downloaded BARD braille titles:

BR022110 – No one is coming to save us: a novel by Stephanie Powell Watts
BR015245 – The notebook by Nicholas Sparks
BR022068 – Last one home: a novel by Debbie Macomber
BR014554 – The joy of cooking Christmas cookies by Irma von Starkloff Rombauer, Marion Rombauer Becker and Ethan Becker
BR020581 – Miss Julia’s marvelous makeover by Ann B Ross
BR021987 – The stranger in the woods: the extraordinary story of the last true hermit by Michael Finkel
BRC01742 – Storm testament. 1 by Lee Nelson
BR017462 – Joy of cooking by Irma von Starkloff Rombauer, Ethan Becker and Marion Rombauer Becker
BRC00572 – The 50 best oatmeal cookies in the world: the recipes that won the nationwide “Ah! oatmeal cookies” contest by Honey Zisman and Larry Zisman
BR007647 – Living out loud by Anna Quindlen

Happy downloading! To get the latest books delivered at the speed of cyberspace login to BARD. Don’t have a BARD account? Sign up today – http://nlsbard.loc.gov/nc1a

Get the BARD Mobile app and have another great way to read your books and magazines

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Happy BARD Day – April 2018

Happy BARD day – March 2018 was a great month for downloading audio and braille. In March 640 audio readers downloaded 10049 books, 425 magazines and 71 music items. Another 26 braille readers downloaded 222 books , 34 magazines and 1 music item. 16 more people signed up for BARD. BARD Mobile added 67 new users and 71 new mobile devices. Do you BARD? If not, what’s keeping you. With the BARD Mobile app added to things you now have another great way to read your books and magazines on the iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Android devices and Amazon Kindle Fire.

Sign up for BARD today – https://nlsbard.loc.gov

Get the BARD Mobile app

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=gov.loc.nls.dtb&hl=en

iPhone – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bard-mobile/id705229586

Kindle Fire – http://www.amazon.com/Library-of-Congress-BARD-Mobile/dp/B016760320

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How NCLBPH Makes its Books Mobile

While we don’t have a bookmobile, we do have the people responsible for making our Circulation staff member, preparing books for their turn around.books reach different areas on North Carolina. Our circulation staff re-shelves, pulls, and inspects every book that comes in. Without their efforts, our library wouldn’t be able to serve our patrons. Looking deeper in to what their duties are, you’ll see primarily five staff members are arriving at the library at 7:30 AM and pulling the books our patrons requested from the shelves, and if books are leaving that means more books are returning. The books that have returned are sorted into boxes. From there, the staff and volunteers inspects the returned cartridges to make sure the right book was put back in the right case, if there are any damages, if the cartridge has anything unwanted in there, and the occasional letter from a grateful patron. After the books are inspected they are checked back in and re-shelved. Our circulation staff members take turns driving the delivery truck to and from the post office to either drop off materials being sent to patrons or pick up crates of materials returning from patrons. The materials we have in our warehouse include, talking books, braille books, large print books and descriptive video.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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Library Workers of NCLBPH

Our library is more than books and Librarians. It takes a team of staff and volunteers to provide the services we provide for our patrons. When a person becomes a patron here, it could have been through various methods. Perhaps that person attended an outreach event, or heard an advertisement about our library. A person could have walked in curious about our library and how we operate. A person could have been suggested to our library from another patron. Whatever way a person wants to become a patron, we treat them all the same way. They receive an application from us and once it’s turned in our processing department begins the process of making this person a patron. From there, their relationship with our Reader Advisors begins. The Reader Advisors help suggest books based off patrons’ preferences. From there, the patron may choose to call our library for their next book or use the automatic selection system.

If a patron’s equipment were ever to stop working properly, they can send their device back to us and our machine unit staff will be able to fix the device or send the patron a new one.

Every year we hold programs for our patrons. We may have a guest speaker that year, we may have a fun activity for the audience. Every year, we do have events for patrons to attend or participate in such as a tactile tour at the NC Museum of Art, or our Summer Reading program. These programs are organized by our Assistant Regional Librarian and Outreach Librarian with the help of their supporting staff. Also, these events are made possible thanks to the support we receive from the Friends of the Library.

It's the front of NCLBPH and the words on the front say "N.C. LIBRARY FOR THE BLIND AND PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED, DEPARTMENT OF CULTURAL RESOURCES" There is a tree, a picnic table and shrubbery in front of the library.

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The NCLBPH BARD Madness Champion

After the First Four Pages, the First Chapter, the Second Chapter, the Sweet 16, the Elite 8, the Final Four Chapters and the Final Page between Camino Island and The Rooster Bar we have our NCLBPH BARD Madness Champion!

A plaque award that reads, "NCLBPH BARD Madness Champion: The Rooster Bar" The book cover for The Rooster bar is underneath the text.


Congratulations to John Grisham for writing the winning novel and to those who chose this novel to win!

Thank you all who participated! BARD Madness will return next year! Until then, keep on reading!





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NCLBPH closed on Friday, March 30

The library will be closed on Friday, March 30 for observance of the state holiday.

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BARD Madness Championship

Bard Madness Round LogoThe Final Four has become the only 2 BARD Madness entries remaining! Here are the contenders!

  • Autumn Champion
    • The Rooster Bar
  • Summer Champion
    • Camino Island

There are 2 books and 1 final match! Camino Island against The Rooster Bar. Which John Grisham novel will be Champion?

Click the link below to vote for your choice to win it all!


The final bracket with the 2 remaining books matched against each other.



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