Kids Summer Reading Suggestions: Libraries Rock Vol. 2

If you are participating in the 2018 Kids Summer Reading Program and you don’t know what to read next, here are some reading suggestions.

Kids Summer Reading Suggestions

  1. Hit Me with Music: How to Start, Manage, Record, and Perform with Your Own Rock Band DB043650
    • Handbook on organizing and managing one’s own rock music group. Powell offers both creative and technical tips on all phases of the music business: using public address systems; mixing live music; utilizing recording studios; promoting a band; negotiating contracts; and avoiding the perils of the business.
  2. The Long Gone Lonesome History of Country Music DB065126
    • Presents, in a folksy style, an overview of country music’s development in the United States. Discusses the role of radio, gospel music, honky-tonk, rock-a-billy, bluegrass, Jimmie Rodgers’s yodeling, cowboys, Grand Ole Opry, dances, and other contributors to the popularity of country music.
  3. The Blues: A Very Short Introduction DB085838
    • Musician traces a tradition permeating many forms of music. Blues reflects deep emotion but is not limited to heartache. Examines the broad variety of blues music and performers, the close relationship with jazz and country music, and the influence on rock, pop, and rap.
  4. Fleetwood Mac: Rumours n’ Fax DB014704
    • A history of the rock group Fleetwood Mac, tracing its complex personal and musical development from the embryonic stages in 1967 to its continuing success in the late 1970s.
  5. Austin Mahone; Jennifer Lawrence; Pharrell Williams; Taylor Swift DB081707
    • Four biographies of music and movie stars. Highlights Austin Mahone, Jennifer Lawrence, Pharrell Williams, and Taylor Swift’s rises to fame and speculates about their futures. Includes fun facts and quirky things they like.
  6. The Music of Silence DB076011
    • Using a third-person narrative, opera singer Bocelli, who as a young boy lost his vision to congenital bilateral glaucoma, describes his childhood in Italy and his interest, education, and career in music. Relates challenges he faced and overcame.
  7. Classical Music in America: A History of its Rise and Fall DB060428
    • American music historian and artistic adviser to several orchestras presents a social history of classical music in the United States. Chronicles the rise of the Boston, New York, and Philadelphia orchestras. Horowitz contends that the post-WWI performance-centered approach of American conductors and performers has been disadvantageous to native-born composers.
  8. Hip Hop America DB048179
    • Survey of African American rap music. Chronicles the twenty-year rise of hip-hop from the streets of New York City and describes its importance in the multinational industry of the 1990s. Highlights the major players and some of the effects of rap on society.
  9. Blues People: Negro Music in White America DB021323
    • A reinterpretation of jazz and blues in light of black American social and economic history. Many anecdotes add to the liveliness of Jones’ account, which is flavored by his personal brand of warmth and wit.
  10. Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenese from the American Indie Underground, 1981-1991 DB074773
    • Author reconstructs the 1981-1991 punk-influenced underground music scene, which advocated a do-it-yourself aesthetic that revolutionized American music. Profiles thirteen bands, including Black Flag, the Minutemen, HuÌsker DuÌ, the Replacements, Fugazi, and Beat Happening. Discusses the role of independent record labels SST, Dischord, Sub Pop, K, and others.

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Reading Takes You Everywhere!

It’s that time of year again. If you are a patron of NCLBPH and you haven’t registered for the 2018 Summer Reading Program, you may register in the link provided below. Be sure to register before the closing date! Reading Takes You Everywhere!!!

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