Kids Summer Reading Suggestions: Judy Blume

If you are participating in the 2017 Kids Summer Reading Program here are some reading suggestions to consider. We will have reading suggestions during the summer to help narrow down your selections. These lists are for children ages 8 to 12, 9 to 13 and 11 to 15 and is a combination of Talking Books, Braille Books and Large Print Books.

Judy Blume

Ages 8 – 12

  1. Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing BR011471
    • Peter’s two-year-old brother, Fudge, is a problem child who gets lost at the movies and eats Peter’s pet turtle.
  2. Superfudge BR011488
    • Fudge has grown more troublesome for Peter with age and now they have a baby sister. Fudge makes attempts to get rid of her in exchange for something good.
  3. Starring Sally J. Freedman as Herself DB060943
    • While on winter vacation with her family at Miami Beach, ten-year-old Sally cast herself in starring roles for her stories. She then encounters a sinister stranger.
  4. Fudge-a-Mania BRX01646
    • Rivals Peter and Sheila are forced to spend their family vacation in the same summer home with their families. The families find themselves in one predicament after the other.

Ages 9 – 13

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  1. Blubber LT011584
    • Jill joins her classmates in bullying a fellow student and gets a taste of her own medicine when she becomes a target.
  2. Iggie’s House LT012799
    • Winnie appoints herself a goodwill ambassador to welcome the new children who move into the house where her best friend used to live. But the new neighbors, who are black, want a friend, not a crusader.
  3. It’s Not the End of the World BR009756
    • Karen Newman feels as if her world is ending when her parents separate. As she tries to make her parents reconsider, she begins to see it’s not the end of the world for anybody.
  4. Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great BR011472
    • Sheila pretends to be knowledgeable, witty and fearless. However, she has many fears which come to surface during her summer away from home.
  5. Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret. DB037405
    • Margaret is lonely after her parents buy a new house in Farbrook, New Jersey. Because she is from the city, the new girls expect her to be more grown up than they are, but Margaret’s body hasn’t begun to mature yet and she’s never kissed a boy.

For Ages 12 – 15

  1. Tiger Eyes LT011010
    • Davey and her family fly to New Mexico to stay with relatives after the murder of her father in a holdup. Davey’s grief is overwhelming until she meets a gentle boy who helps her recover.
  2. Just as Long as We’re Together BR007259
    • Stephanie is about to enter junior high, and has moved in a house closer to her friend. Her father is away on what she thinks is a business trip, but when she learns the truth she doesn’t handle it well.
  3. Forever… BR004027
    • A young couple fall in love for the first time and promise each other that it will last forever.
  4. Here’s to You, Rachel Robinson BR021442
    • Expelled from a Vermont boarding school, Charles’s presence at home proves disruptive, especially for his sister Rachel, a gifted seventh-grader juggling friendships and school activities.

These lists are available for download on the NCLBPH website in a PDF format here.

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