Adult Summer Reading Suggestions: Long Books

If you are participating in the 2017 Adults Summer Reading Program and you don’t know what to read next, here are some reading suggestions. The list is broken in to Downloadable books, Large Print books, and Braille books.

Long Books


  1. Atlas Shrugged DB010370
    • Melodramatic novel of ideas which espouses the supremacy of the individual and the virtue of selfishness. A group of power magnates sell out their creativity and independence to the government for apparent security.
  2. Cyrus the Great DB059047
    • Describes how Cyrus overthrew numerous kingdoms and freed Jews from captivity in Babylon, allowing them to return to Palestine.
  3. Infinite Jest DB044028
    • Incandenza has produce the film Infinite Jest, a movie so funny, people lose interest in everything. His two sons get involved with a Quebecois separatist who wants to distribute copies of the film.
  4. Lennon: The Man, the Myth, the Music – The Definitive Life DBC00705
    • A towering figure in the history of rock and roll, John Lennon is brilliantly portrayed in this epic biography that illuminates every corner of his extraordinary and complex life.
  5. Devotion: An Epic Story of Heroism, Friendship, and Sacrifice DB083006
    • While much of America remained segregated, U.S. Navy aviators Lt. Hudner and Ensign Brown joined forces from the very beginning and remained a team into the midst of the Korean War.
  6. Les Miserables DB035363
    • Jean Valjean is a poor French peasant who is imprisoned for stealing food for his family. He escapes and devotes his life to noble causes only to become a victim of cruel circumstances.
  7. One Nation under God: How Corporate America Invented Christian America DB082346
    • Historianexamines the development of the belief that the United States is intended to be a Christian nation.

Large Print

  1. A Gentle Feuding LT030128
    • James MacKinnion falls in love with a woman not knowing she is from an enemy clan. Their love leads the two Scottish clans into a bloody feud.
  2. About Grace LT028623
    • David sees things before they happen. When he dreams his infant daughter will drown as he tries to save her, he comes undone fleeing is family and home.
  3. The Broker: A Novel LT028575
    • Washington power broker Backman is pardoned 6 years into his 20 year sentence and smuggled to Italy. He has made serious enemies in past and doesn’t if they will kill him, but who will kill him first.
  4. Gone with the Wind LT002221
    • A forceful and ruthless heroine and a war profiteer have a love affair against the background of the war-torn south.
  5. Scarlett: The Sequel to Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” LT016691
    • Scarlett returns to Tara after Melanie’s funeral, but then makes her way to Ireland where she struggles to get Rhett Butler back into her life.
  6. Sense and Sensibility LT007625
    • This classic novel about two sisters of varying temperaments presents a portrait of the manners of upper and middle-class English society of that period.
  7. David Copperfield LT000485
    • An expose of the abuse of children in 19th century England. Follows the chronicles of David’s life from childhood to maturity.


  1. War and Peace BR009710
    • Describes the invasion of Russia by Napoleon and his army and presents the author’s theories of history.
  2. The Life We Bury: A Novel BR021515
    • When Joe Talbert is assigned to write biography, he visits a nursing home to find a subject. He writes about convicted murderer Carl Iverson, and he sets out to prove Carl’s innocence.
  3. Sorcerers and Seers BRC01712
    • Jim Hawkins walks side-by-side with the mortal Messiah on His journey to save the souls of humankind.
  4. Anna Karenina BR012695
    • It’s the 1870’s in Russia. Unhappy with her marriage, Anna pursues the allure of a romantic affair with Count Vronsky.
  5. Words of Silk BR017134
    • Visiting friends in New York, Laney McLeod is trapped on an elevator during a blackout with attorney Deke Sargent. The two share a night of passion and separate. Months later Deke finds Laney pregnant and aims to win her love.
  6. Shogun: A Novel of Japan BR016719
    • During seventeenth century Japan, Japanese warlords are vying for the military title of shogun, while a Japanese noblewoman and a shipwrecked British sea pilot fall in love.
  7. Giants in the Earth: A Saga of the Prairie BRX00333
    • A Norwegian family pioneers to the Dakota territory for a life of freedom, however the wife feels this existence is a nightmare of loneliness.

These lists are available for download on the NCLBPH website in a PDF format here.

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