Kids Summer Reading Suggestions: Cynthia Rylant

If you are participating in the 2017 Kids Summer Reading Program here are some reading suggestions to consider. We will have reading suggestions during the summer to help narrow down your selections. These lists are for children ages 5 to 8 and 11 to 14 and is a combination of Talking Books, Braille Books and Large Print Books.

Cynthia Rylant

Ages 5 – 8

  • Poppleton LT021833
    • Poppleton the pig makes a friend, reads a library book about adventure, and helps a sick friend get better.
  • Poppleton in Winter BRX02038
    • Poppleton the pig makes a new friend after an icicle accident, creates a bust of Cherry Sue, and gets a wintry birthday surprise from his pals.
  • Putter and Tabby feed the Fish DBC06357
    • After Mr. Putter buys three goldfish and takes them home, he discovers that his cat Tabby has a serious problem with them.
  • The Relatives Game BR006124
    • A happy visit by relatives from Virginia who come in and old station wagon. They bring with them lots of hugs, laughs, and quiet talk.
  • Poppleton in Spring BRX02036
    • Poppleton the pig does some spring cleaning, tries to buy a bicycle, and stays up all night in a tent in his backyard.
  • Henry and Mudge: The First Book of Their Adventures DB055800
    • Henry is gifted a puppy, Mudge, from his parents and the puppy rapidly grows to 180 pounds. Henry and Mudge do everything together until Mudge gets lost one day.
  • Henry and Mudge in Puddle Trouble: The Second Book of Their Adventures DB055801
    • In the spring, Henry and his big dog, Mudge, enjoy being outside. They find a pretty flower, play in a giant mud puddle, and make friends with a litter of kittens.
  • Annie and Snowball and the Dress-up Birthday: The First Book of Their Adventures BR018307
    • Annie invites her cousin Henry to dress up and celebrate her birthday with her, but the cousins have different ideas about the meaning of dress up.
  • Annie and Snowball and the Prettiest House: The Second Book of Their Adventures BR018308
    • Annie lives with her dad in a plain house, but she likes pretty things. Her cousin Henry suggests moving the pretty furniture from his attic to her house and the parents agree.
  • The Case of the Missing Monkey: The High-Rise Private Eyes BR015116
    • An animal detective team, Bunny Brown and Jack Jones take on a new case while having breakfast at their favorite diner.

Ages 11 – 14

  • A Blue-Eyed Daisy BR006485
    • Follows the life of 11-year-old Ellie. How she gets her first kiss, spending the night at the hospital after her alcoholic father nearly dies in a car accident, and her Valentine’s day.
  • A Kindness DB031819
    • Fifteen-year-old Chip, an only child, believes after his mother’s pregnancy their relationship will never be the same. Once the baby is born, Chip becomes attached to his new sister.
  • Fine White Dust DB037796
    • Pete Cassidy goes to church frequently, despite his parents and atheist best friend choosing not to. When a traveling preacher named Carson comes to town, Pete is swept in a tide of devotion and discipleship.
  • The Heavenly Village BR013128
    • Seven recently deceased persons have business left to finish on Earth before they go to Heaven. God places these seven in the Heavenly Village where they can finish their stories before ascending to heaven.
  • God Went to Beauty School BR015645
    • Poems about God exploring the joys and pains of the world he created.

These lists are available for download on the NCLBPH website in a PDF format here.

The theme "Build a Better World" in multiple colors


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