Adult Summer Reading Suggestions: Sequels

If you are participating in the 2017 Adults Summer Reading Program and you don’t know what to read next, here are some reading suggestions. The list is broken in to Downloadable books, Large Print books, and Braille books.



  1. The Diablo Grant DB043723
    • Sequel to Stark’s Justice DB039036. When Judge Stark settles a territory dispute in favor of the town drunk Juan Espina, the frontier town falls into chaos.
  2. A Rising Thunder DB076472
    • Sequel to Mission of Honor DB072214. As a conflict worsens between to forces, Admiral Honor Harrington must team up with a former enemy to protect her empire.
  3. Caterina DB050413
    • Sequel to Whispering DB041728. The year is 1832. Dom Pedro is back from Brazil to help his daughter claim her position as queen of Portugal with help from Caterina Fonsa who creates political cartoons.
  4. Dancing at the Rascal Fair DB026646
    • Sequel to English Creek DB022316. Seeking to make better lives for themselves, Angus McCaskill follows his uncle’s footsteps and travels with his friend Rob Barclay from Scotland to a Settlement in Montana.
  5. Work Song DB073064
    • Sequel to The Whistling Season DB063216. The year is 1919. Morrie Morgan has left his teaching position, and arrives in Butte, Montana. He wishes to remain neutral to the situation, but his bookkeeping skills help the miner’s union against Anaconda Copper.
  6. Return to Mars DB049070
    • Sequel to Mars DB035808. On his return trip to Mars, geologist Jamie Waterman must deal with personnel issues on his crew and the possibility of sabotage.
  7. Marooned in Real Time DB027055
    • Sequel to The Peace War DB027054. Murder and sabotage threatens high-techs Marta and Yelen Korolev attempts to begin a new civilization after the remaining survivors of humanity emerge from time stasis, and it is up to Will Brierson, a detective from the twenty-first century, protect humanity’s revival.

Large Print

  1. It Happened One Knife LT032910
    • Sequel to Some Like It Hot-Buttered LT032139. When legendary comics Lillis & Townes appear at his refurbished comedy theater, Elliot Freed is beyond happy. However, rumors of the comics’ involvement with a decades-old murder begin to surface and the Elliot sets out to dispel the rumors.
  2. The Prodigal Daughter LT005878
    • Sequel to Kane and Abel LT005419. The year is 1934. Follows the story of Abel Rosnovski’s daughter, Florentyna, from childhood to her presidential run.
  3. The Betrayal: Abram’s Daughters LT028468
    • Sequel to The Covenant LT027586. The year is 1947. Jonas Mast plans to marry Leah Ebersol after his carpentry apprenticeship, but Leah’s sister’s lusty behavior creates obstacles.
  4. Courage & Compromise: The Homestead Series LT031939
    • Sequel to Strangers & Pilgrims LT031938. The lives of the Bowers family are tried when heavy rain damages their house, Mr. Bowers gets arrested for rioting, and Jolie’s relationship with Tanner is troubled following the arrival of a handsome widower.
  5. The Girl with Braided Hair LT032036
    • Sequel to The Drowning Man LT031046. Arapaho attorney Vicky Holden and Father John O’Malley are determined to find the person responsible for the murder of Liz Plenty Horses 30 years ago, but end up becoming targets themselves.
  6. Hidden Moon LT032147
    • Sequel to A Corpse in Koryo LT031025. Inspector O finds himself investigating the first ever bank robbery in Pyongyang, North Korea. The case only becomes more complicated when every suspect has their own agenda.
  7. Dakota LT032192
    • Sequel to Biting the Moon LT023866. Amnesiac drifter Andi Oliver moves between waitress jobs throughout the country until she is targeted by two men. One is a hired gunman, and a pursuer who would claim something from her lost memories.


  1. The Upside of Irrationality: The Unexpected Benefits of Defying Logic at Home and at Work BR019175
    • Sequel to Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decisions BR017727. Duke Professors explores the idea that irrational actions can be best.
  2. Kissing Babies at the Piggly Wiggly BRX02673
    • Sequel to Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly BRX02675. Choppy Dunbar runs for mayor against corrupt incumbent Floyce Hammontree. During Choppy’s campaign, his long-lost love appears.
  3. Love and Sleep BR010083
    • Sequel to Ægypt BR009605. Pierce Moffett delves deeper into the Renaissance metaphysics in an attempt to come to grips with the modern world.
  4. Alive Day BR018545
    • Sequel to Together BR017900. Iraq War marine veteran corporal Carver, is paralyzed from the waist down. He is being treated by blind psychiatrist Brenden McCarthy. Carver finds inspiration dealing with his struggles from therapy, medication, and Brenden’s guide dog, Nelson.
  5. Requiem by Fire BRX02563
    • Sequel to Cataloochee DBX01197. The year is 1928. A village in the Great Smoky Mountains is divided when the villagers lose their land to eminent domain forces, while some embrace the modern world and others want to keep their heritage.
  6. The Year of the Flood BR018706
    • Sequel to Oryx and Crake BR014805. After a devastating pandemic, friends Toby and Ren find each other as well as a few survivors, but gene-spliced life-forms thrive in the aftermath of the Waterless Flood as the survivors consider what to do next.
  7. The Sword of Straw: The Sangreal Trilogy BR017181
    • Sequel to The Greenstone Grail BR016308. Nathan Ward visits a ruined city in his dreams where he learns of a royal family that has been cursed by an evil sword. Nathan sets out to confront the magic of the cursed sword.

These lists are available for download on the NCLBPH website in a PDF format here.

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