Adult Summer Reading Suggestions: Stephen King Pack

If you are participating in the 2017 Adults Summer Reading Program and you don’t know what to read next, here are some reading suggestions. The list is broken in to Downloadable books, Large Print books, and Braille books.

Stephen King


  1. The Gunslinger DB029232
    • Seeking vengeance for the death of his father and the dishonoring of his mother, the gunslinger travels through time to face his evil nemesis.
  2. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft DB050873
    • King describes his writing technique for aspiring authors. He also discusses defining moments from his childhood.
  3. Doctor Sleep DB077471
    • Years after the events in The Shining, Danny Torrance has gained control over his supernatural abilities and befriends a child whose supernatural powers put her at risk.
  4. Joyland DB076799
    • Heartbroken New Hampshire college student Devin takes a summer job at a North Carolina amusement park, where he is intrigued by tales of different ghosts.
  5. Under the Dome DB069804
    • An invisible dome is covering a town, causing tension to escalate for the isolated residents as they try to survive with dwindling resources.
  6. The Journals of Eleanor Druse: My Investigation of the Kingdom Hospital Incident DB058074
    • After Sally has a near-death experience visiting her hospitalized friend, she investigates a decades-old tragedy and puts to rest one young victim’s spirit.
  7. It DB028045
    • It began in 1958 when seven imperiled children searched in the drains beneath the New England town of Derry for the horror they believed lurked there. Twenty-seven years later those children, now grown, recall their buried memories.

Large Print

  1. Cujo LT017926
    • Cujo, a family’s beloved Saint Bernard, follows a rabbit in a cave where he is bit by a rabid bat. The family attempts to conceal the illness until bloody deaths follow one after another.
  2. The Colorado Kid LT029461
    • The body of a man with no ID is found off the coast of Maine and it takes more than a year to learn to man’s identity. The that is uncovered by his demise, the bigger the mystery becomes.
  3. 11/22/63 LT035176
    • The dying owner of Al’s Diner has a shocking request for his friend, English teacher Jake Epping: go back in time through a portal in Al’s storeroom and stop JFK’s assassination.
  4. Bag of Bones LT030870
    • After the death of his wife, Mike Noonan has suffered writer’s block and hopes moving to their summer house in Maine will ease his misery. He befriends Mattie Devore and her daughter, Kyra. While helping her fight for custody of Kyra, Mike is plagued by ghosts.
  5. Cell LT035293
    • Civilization is divided when most of its population is attacked through their cell phones setting them on a murderous rampage.
  6. From a Buick 8 LT034248
    • A 1954 Buick Roadmaster is abandoned at a gas station and the police officer investigating it vanishes. The other troopers try to keep it under lock and key, but the car has a malevolent life of its own.
  7. The Dark Half LT014728
    • Thad Beaumont’s fame has come through books written under the pseudonym George Stark. When a blackmailer is threatening to reveal him, Beaumount decides to lay Stark to rest and wants to return to writing under his own name; however, Stark may still be living.


  1. Carrie BR010849
    • A high school girl uses her telekinesis to exact revenge on a New England town.
  2. Christine BR011479
    • When teenage misfit, Arnie Cunningham, buys a ’58 Plymouth Fury for $250 from creepy Roland D. LeBay, eerie events begin to take place.
  3. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon BR012212
    • Nine-year-old Trisha gets separated from her mother and brother on hiking trail, and has imaginary conversations with Red Sox’s Tom Gordon to help her cope with the evil following her.
  4. Firestater BR004749
    • After Andy and Vicky become part of a drug experiment under the government, they marry and have a daughter who can set things on fire by looking at them. Now the government was their daughter.
  5. Needful Things BR008752
    • Castle Rock becomes a battleground when Leland Gaunt sets up a curio shop where a person can have anything their heart desires, but at the price of playing a prank on a designated person.
  6. Misery BR006970
    • Best-selling author, Paul Sheldon is kidnapped by one of his fans, Annie Wilkes, who is angry with him because her favorite character, Misery is killed in the latest novel. She then forces him to write a novel in which Misery is resurrected.
  7. The Eyes of the Dragon BR006876
    • Heroic Prince Peter is heir to the throne, but Flagg, a demonic wizard, using his evil magic to threaten the mythical kingdom.
  8. The Shining BR013271
    • Jack and Wendy Torrance come face-to-face with terror when they become caretakers of a haunted old hotel in the snowy mountains of Colorado. Their five-year-old son Danny, who appears to have psychic powers, is the first to sense the evil in the building.

These lists are available for download on the NCLBPH website in a PDF format here.

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