Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

A picture of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Since being in India, I am more convinced than ever before that the method of nonviolent resistance is the most potent weapon available to oppressed people in their struggle for justice and human dignity.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

He was a man who inspired millions, and fought to improve the lives of all people in the United States and around the world during a time of blatant prejudice and racism. His courageous actions sent ripples across our nation forever changing it. Here are some of the readings of him we have to offer you.

My Brother Martin: A Sister Remembers Growing Up with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. BR016360

Author fondly recalls childhood memories of her younger brother Martin Luther King Jr., a civil rights activist. She describes their childhood games and pranks and upbringing in the segregated South. Shares inspirational family stories that influenced Dr. King’s outlook. PRINT/BRAILLE. For grades 2-4 and older readers. 2003.

Why We Can’t Wait DB021674

The black pastor and civil rights leader wrote this now classic account four years before his assassination. He reviews the background of the civil rights demands that culminated in the March on Washington in 1963. With deep conviction he defends the justice and practicality of nonviolence as a weapon for winning not only civil and human rights but also world peace. 1963.

I May Not Get There with You: The True Martin Luther King Jr. DB064510

Reexamination of the life, legend, and legacy of peace activist Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968). Asserts King possessed human flaws–plagiarism and promiscuity–yet emphasizes King’s political and social views, including opposition to the Vietnam War, criticism of economic inequality, and encouragement of black pride. Addresses the commercialization of King’s legacy. 2000.


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